Airwise Sports Domes

Re: Airwise Sports Domes for Year Round or Seasonal Play

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in North America and is rapidly becoming as popular indoors as ourdoors.


 Smaller communities and clubs are often unable to afford such facilities and are forced to share space in the local gym or arena or forego indoor soccer altogether. Airwise offers practical, low cost options to sports groups, leagues and communities so this can be a viable reality in their communities.

A simple Airwise Dome mounted to subsurface anchors directly to the ground. May be mounted to a ring beam, a pony wall, atop grandstands or attached to adjacent buildings.


 Airwise Environmental Structures may be as plain or elaborate as you wish, or your budget allows:

Proposal for Casino/Convention Centre where ‘curb appeal’ is an important component of design and function…

 Airwise Domes are suitable for covering large areas. This might be multiple indoor courts or full size soccer courts, baseball or football fields or a combination of these, allowing different sports organizations to share and participate in a single facility.


Full sized, outdoor soccer field next to 4 indoor courts.


 Two Baseball fields, outfield to outfield.

 Airwise Environmental Structures evolved from the greenhouse industry. Our unique cable reinforcing format transfers almost all of the load from the fabric cover to equidistant cables, typically placed every 4 ft or so.

The stress in our covers is about 1/10 that of others in the industry. This allows the use of much lighter cover material, allowing up to 85% of natural light into the structure. Shadow-free, daylight conditions and lots of ventilation, provide optimum ‘outdoor’ playing conditions year round. No artificial light is required during the day. Night light is supplied, not by interior lights, but by exterior lighting that shines through the cover, again delivering shadow-free illumination, ideal for sports play.

Airwise Domes are the only product that supports natural grass and plants instead of artificial turf. Grown under ideal lighting conditions, natural grass in a Dome will require less than 20% of the water required outside. With a firm base that never gets muddy, natural grass offers a very durable, self healing and affordable option to artificial turf.

Airwise Domes are low pressure, not high pressure Air-supported Structures. We use Low Pressure High Volume Fans (LPHV) instead of high pressure blowers. Our Domes are well ventilated, exchanging the air as often as 15 times per hour.

Year Round or Seasonal Operation

Covers up to several hundred thousand square feet can easily be deflated and stowed for the summer months with the anchors and mechanical systems left in place for the following season. Deployment and inflation will take less than a day with a knowledgeable supervisor and half a dozen competent laborers.

Buildings up to 60,000 sq. ft. can be delivered in a ‘Building in a Box’ format. The mechanical and electrical systems are installed in a standard 40 ft. shipping container with enough room for the cover to be stowed, stored and shipped. These covers can be deployed in half a day.

A ‘Building in a Box’: a standard shipping container (shown here with a shroud around it) houses the doors, fans, genset, electrical panel, etc. Both personnel door and 8′ garage door for vehicle entry are included.


 Back of Container showing entry and door on left, garage door centre and room for mechanical/electrical on the right.


When deployed, the Container becomes part of the Dome. When stored or shipped, there is room in the container for up to a 60,000 sq. ft. Airwise Cover. In this format, an Airwise Dome can be deployed or stowed in a day.


A small Airwise Dome, 120′ x 150′ (18,000 sq. ft. to cover 2 – 3 lots while housing is under construction.


 Houses, vehicles and personnel are to scale.

 Complete Package

Airwise Environmental Structures come complete with Electrical/Mechanical systems, back up generator, HVAC systems, automated air handling and pressure control system anchors and ground seals. Our proprietary One Piece cover incorporates an engineered cable support system and a built in, secondary liner for insulation and air control.

Where required, we also have professionals on hand for engineering, permitting, etc.

Where the community is involved, we may be able to provide financing under a P3 format. Certain conditions apply.

Airwise Environmental Structures Inc. is working with event organizers and entertainment professionals to work with appropriate communities to host major concerts and events as fundraisers on an annual basis, contributing to the economic development of the host community and providing a means to pay for their Airwise Dome and its operating costs.

If an indoor sports facility is something your club or community has been considering, Airwise Domes are the natural and most affordable option on the market today.

Why wait? Contact us now to find out how an Airwise Dome can serve your needs.

We look forward to working with you.

Wayne Pratt



 A few additional pictures:


 Typical end with fans and door detail.


 Two Airwise Structures side by side used for the alien ‘hive’ in the X-Files Movie


 Inside view of cover mounted on 4 ft. pony wall.


Inside Driving Range with Natural Grass. Note the bright, natural light!