Mining, Oil Field & Construction Camps

Instead of a conventional construction camp…

Why not make it a year round resort?

This 1000 man ‘Camp’ is on a 20 acre site, 1320 ft. long x 660 ft. wide.

Instead of 6 – 10 men to a trailer, everyone is housed in 1 and 2 brm apartments, 480 – 560 sq. ft., single 4 piece bath, with or without kitchens, complete with balconies.

Totally enclosed and weatherproof (I left the ends off for visual effect), it includes full recreational facilities; resort style pool, basketball/volleyball courts, soccer/football field, fitness centre, etc.

There are 4 levels of apartments, covered parking for 500 vehicles, over 50,000 sq. ft. for commercial, restaurant, retail, etc.
Airwise Environmental Structures evolved from the greenhouse industry. Our Domes support natural grass and plants, keeping the air fresh and clean year round. Studies have shown that people work, play and sleep better in such a naturally lit and well ventilated environment.

The rooftops can also be used; tennis courts, patios, outdoor meeting places, etc.

Because the entire site is climate protected, services can be installed at surface without fear of frost. Even in the dead of winter, a 20 acre Airwise Dome will benefit from over 2 billion btu of passive solar heat. Frozen sewage and water systems are a major concern in traditional trailer based construction camps.

Camps for as few as 300 to 5,000 – 10,000 or more can be custom designed for extreme weather at either end of the spectrum.

Benefits include: better employee morale, improved health and fitness, privacy, year round resort facilities, less sick days and many more.

When the project is finished, the entire community can be disassembled, refurbished and moved to another site anywhere in the world to be used again. Because all the services are surface mounted, the vacated site is left with minimum disruption. No more ghost towns.

More information is available at the Airwise website