Construction Cover: Safety, Security and Employee Morale

Winter and foul weather construction not only costs more in financial terms; it causes additional safety concerns and is detrimental to employee morale.

Working heavily clothed for cold weather, icy or wet spots on surfaces, hazards hidden under the snow, all contribute to slower and less safe working conditions.

Quality of work and materials often suffers from extreme cold or wet conditions, sometimes requiring that work be redone or material replaced. This can represent significant additional costs to a project, costs that are often eaten by the contractor.

A simple solution is an Airwise Environmental Structure to cover the entire project site or portions of the site as work progresses.

An Airwise Construction ‘Dome’ offers year round, fair weather building conditions.

  • The site remains dry and warm, even on the coldest, wettest days.
  •  Unsecured sheeting and other materials are no longer hazards flying off rooftops.
  • Warm, dry, safer working conditions contribute to better worker morale and reduced costs.
  • Weather related quality concerns are eliminated.
  • Site is naturally heated and lit during the day and is easily lit for round the clock shifts when necessary to meet critical timetables.
  • Site security is enhanced; less material and equipment ‘walks’ from the site.
  • Sites of any size or shape can be covered with an Airwise Dome.

Generally speaking, the site remains accessible to large equipment, trucks and materials.

Large clearspan areas and high clearances allow obstacle free use of loaders and cranes.

An Airwise Construction Dome can be deployed or stowed in a matter of hours with a small crew and moved to another similar site to be re-used over and over again, allowing the investment to be distributed across multiple projects.

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