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This is primarily a company blog we will use to describe some of our ideas, to develop our philosophy and direction, and introduce potential customers and the public at large to our products and services. We hope to keep from boring our readers to sleep and occasionally intrigue them, encouraging them to become a part of our discussion.

Environeta Solutions Inc. Is a developer, promoter and marketer for a number of proprietary technologies and systems, primarily to do with construction and energy.

Enviro n eta: eta is the greek number 8 and is symbolized by a stylized ‘h‘ or ‘hthat almost no one recognizes but is actually a symbol for efficiency. So, Environeta Solutions is actually Environmentally Efficient Solutions to challenges we face today.

Everything we do in society is governed by $$. The best technology in the world is of little value if no one can afford to use it. Environeta spends as much effort on finding ways for people to acquire our various systems and technologies as we do in promoting the technologies themselves.

As free thinkers of primarily a libertarian bent, we do not believe it is necessary for government to be involved in every idea or project we develop. We cannot encourage smaller, leaner government by making everything we do subject to subsidies or grants from that same government. ‘He who pays the piper, calls the tune!’ Our projects and systems are all designed to be self sufficient and profitable in the mid and long term.